Well, he's all growns up and he's all growns up and he's all growns up! Daniel Radcliffe, universally known as Harry Potter, will be playing Alan Strang in a London revival of Equus, a role which calls for the fullest of monties. It opens on February 27th; fan boys & girls eager to see Radcliffe galloping around the stage in his birthday suit might want to buy tickets in advance. (As an added sop to fans, the part of the psychiatrist will be filled by another Potter vet, Richard Griffiths, AKA Uncle Vernon.) And if that photo wasn't enough, there's more softcore sorcerer beastiality stuff here. Fingers crossed this one's coming to New York!

Xanadu.jpgIn other film to stage news, the campy Broadway adaptation of the so-bad-it's-good Olivia Newton-John movie Xanadu (which famously prompted one critic's quip, "In a word, Xana-don't.") is rolling full speed ahead. The movie, famous for its over-the-top roller disco sequences – and catapulting "Magic" to the top of the U.S. pop singles chart – will at last fill the terrible void left behind by Lloyd Weber's roller skating spectacle Starlight Express. (Rumors of a Broadway adaptation of Zoo Animals on Wheels remain unconfirmed.)

Set to open in April, the show will likely star the alluring Jane Krakowski, who won a Tony for her steamy performance in Nine. According to the Post's Michael Riedel, Krakowski laced up her skates for the audition and wowed producers by "whizzing around the stage of the Minetta Lane Theatre while belting out all those campy Electric Light Orchestra songs from the movie – 'Magic,' 'I'm Alive' and 'Suddenly,' which contains that immortal mixed metaphor of a lyric: 'The wheels are in motion / And I, I'm ready to sail any ocean.'" All aboard!