MTV's Jersey Shore has officially taken on a life of its own, and its success has created seven well-groomed monsters. While Snooki is clearly the breakout star, today the Daily News focuses on Pauly D — declaring his hair style could be the next "Rachel."

He told the paper, "Before the show, I always stood out because of my hair. Now, perfect strangers are coming up to me and asking how I do it." Who are these strangers? If you are one of them, you'll be happy to know that he describes just how to get his signature blowout look. First, you're gonna need a bigger tub of hair gel — specifically Joico's Ice Spiker, a water-resistant "styling glue" that will give you a "cement finish." Pauly D likens it to Elmer's glue, and says to finish off the look you'll also need a nice dose of Glued Spiking Freeze spray (which is a real product). By the end of the 25 minute process, you too can have a Solid Glue Crown on your head.

Meanwhile, Snooki is appearing at this party on Long Island tomorrow night, but has announced that she is right now in NYC... "to do work....and party. ;)" Too bad she didn't make it earlier to surprise SNL's Bobby Moynihan while he was portraying her on the show this weekend.