2005_05_artshabana.jpgSupporting the local economy and local artists but doing it with a "think globally" attitude, this weekend (which already seems so far away) the Habana Outpost opened it's biodegradable doors to the public for the season. It's the first solar powered flea market/restaurant/artist community.

The space also features art installments, one wall by famed subway aerosal artist Lee Quinones. With deejays, live music and movie screenings planned as well, this is a pretty big (and pretty awesome) undertaking that Sean Meenan (of Cafe Habana) has taken on. Keep checking with the calender of events to see what's coming up.

In the meantime, if you head over there be sure to order a smoothie or margarita. They're made with the bike blender. Yes, a blender powered by a bike. Here are ten other ways the Outpost keeps it Green. None, however, are as cool as that bike blender. Looking to make your lifestyle a little more green? Check out Build It Green, they supply used materials salvaged from previous establishments.

The flea market is opened every weekend from 12 to 8pm (now through October) and the restaurant is opened Thursday & Friday 4pm - 12am, Friday & Saturday 12pm - 12am. Habana Outpost is located at: 755-757 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

While were on the subject, Gothamist loves flea markets - so if you know of any great ones let us know. We've been scouring through the one on A and 11th(?) for a while now.