Gwyneth Paltrow was back in NYC this week, even though she hates it here, and People magazine spoke to her at the Hope Benefit Gala held on the TriBeca Rooftop Wednesday night. She said of her website venture, GOOP, "It started in such an organic way. It is really just a place to disseminate good information. People are so grateful that it’s free. It’s just nice to share what you have. And I have all this great information. It’s just a gift." Of all the people that hate Paltrow, Videogum does it best. They say of her latest statement: "But the benevolent Queen Paltrow has deigned to offer up her infinite wisdom for free? Gwunbelievable. The first guillotine was invented in 1286 and here we are, standing around like 'if only there was something we could do.'"