Guy BrightonThe Basics.

Age (Ain't nothing but a number) Rapidly approaching 33

Occupation/Day job. Partner at a small ad agency called Thread.

How long have you lived here?
Not too long. Over a year.

Where are you from and where do you live now?
I was born just south of London and, except for a brief spell in Amsterdam (that’s another story) I lived in central London for all my adult life. Then(!) I had a moment of inspiration mixed with a few romantic feelings and I moved to the other best city in the world. Today I am living in a tiny apartment in the West Village.

One for You.
As a Brit living in New York, how do you tolerate Americans?
The one thing I love about New Yorkers is their originality and individuality in what they do and the way they do it. In London there seems to be very much a tribe mentality. Take fashion: in New York a hipster look can be very diverse from one person to the next, in London all the trendies tend to have the same look, wear their barnet (hair) the same, have the same trainers on(sneakers).
Saying that – after hanging out with the locals all day nothing compares to a night off and a night out with some Brits or Irish in the city to get your rocks off. You can spot us a mile off: we all look bloody identical…

What’s the most unusual pitch you heard from a panhandler?
“Ten bucks if I know where you got your sneakers!” I couldn’t believe that he’d really guess some hip store on Carnaby Street. But the answer was that they were on my feet. Yeah, took me a little time to work that out too. Gave him 5. Cheeky sod.

What is the best improvement to New York City in the last year?
The West Side River Park. Why would one venture to Central Park again? But it needs more events on the piers – like a club night on Pier 54 (with alcohol permitted). That and a decent European style café with large outside seating area and decent bar selection. There’s a great space just south of Houston Street that would be prefect.

If you could have a New York City neighborhood renamed after you which one would it be?
Coney Island - just to confuse the neighbors.

What’s the best place for a low-carb diet buster?

What outerborough place you always say you would like to see but probably never will?
Yankees Stadium. Love the idea of visiting this American sporting monument but I just don’t get baseball as a sport. Now if they played cricket there…

What’s your favorite subway stop?
Howard Beach / JFK Airport – Gateway to the world in both directions. If only the trains ran frequently.

What's the one thing you miss whenever you leave New York?
Simply, the energy. Nothing compares. Doesn’t everyone feel the rush when they see the Manhattan skyline when they’ve returned from a trip away?

Where is the best place in the city for semi-public sex?
The aptly named Hole bar on 2nd and 2nd. Promise you.

What’s the best place in the city for people watching?
I don’t do that much people watching. NY1 TV??

If you could change one thing about New York what would it be?
There’s a little known saying, “Meatpacking Is Murder”. I would bulldoze the Meatpacking district at midnight on a Saturday night. Clear away everything and everybody and start again.

You’ve been asked to host a party and the only requirement is that you must invite three New York celebrities (alive), who would you extend an invite to?
I’d have to bring along Pat Kiernan (NY1). I see his face so much it’s as if he’s a good mate. I’m sure he’d be a bit of fun at the party but am not too sure he can handle that many drinks and there’d be a good chance he might get out of hand. So it would be wise to bring along his firm but fair NY1 co-anchor, Roma Torre for crowd control. You should see the quietening effect she has on him when she’s sat beside him. Later perhaps George Whipple would pop by after the theater – I’m sure when Roma’s turned her back he’d always be up for a Scotch or two– then he and I will entertain the rest of the party with some oh-so-hilarious eyebrow tricks (if you know me, you’ll understand).

Guy Brighton can be found all over the West Village, the East Village, Williamsburg or at one of his sites. I have tried stalking him, but no such luck, yet.

- Interview by Nichelle Newsletter