Wednesday is now most definitely the new Must See TV night. Not only is there Law & Order, Lost, and CSI: NY on the big networks, there's America's Next Top Model, Veronica Mars, and now Project Runway on Bravo. It is the only night of the week that requires a seriously souped up TiVo set-up, but luckily the UPN and Bravo replay their shows. Project Runway's new season starts with two hours of annoying new reality show contestants, bad ideas of what fashion should be, some bitchery from Nina Garcia and Michael Kors (we hope! we pray!) and waiting for an Auf Wiedersehen from Heidi Klum. Gothamist cannot wait - there is even another Kara in the mix. But most importantly, it brings us more Tim Gunn. And if you're at home now, you could be watching a Project Runway Season 1 marathon right now, up through a 6PM showing of the finale!

The NY Times looked at the show's surprising success, as success also means that people are suing the show, saying it was originally their idea. Project Jay about season one winner Jay McCarroll will be airing at some point in the future.