Gus is just sleeping; Photo - Jake DobkinA colleague of mine was telling me how she would be going to the Central Park Zoo over the weekend, and I asked her to let me know how Gus the Polar Bear was doing. She said I was the fourth person to mention Gus. Who is Gus? Gus is a polar bear who was famously diagnosed as being depressed, as he swam incessantly in the pool. Gus is better nowadays - thanks for various new stimulation, including a special pool. His depression and concern for animals in captivity have made zookeepers acknowledge and try to address how to make zoos better living environments for animals.

Coincidentally, Jake went to the Central Park Zoo on Friday. He took some fantastic pictures. He says that the animals are mainly sleepy.

If memory serves me correctly, there's a fabulous scene in the 1990 Woody Allen movie, Alice, that takes place in the underground Polar Bear viewing area.