Cronuts? Nutella? Nutella Cronuts? A solitary room with soothing white noise and no Internet and in there we're able to be all alone with our tranquil mind? A place with no hype or Viral Things... where we can just Be, and not Be On Line, or Be Online? A place to unplug from the Matrix? Is Heaven at the end of this line?

No, it's just James Franco.

John Grandefeld stumbled upon the scene and tells us:

"I work in Union Square. I was coming back from Duane Reade a few minutes ago when I noticed a line. Some tourists were walking next to me and said, 'Wow. Let's get on that line. It must be something good!' They did. I had no idea what the line was for so I decided to shoot a video of it and follow it to its conclusion. It wrapped an entire city block and ended at Barnes and Noble. Apparently James Franco is signing autographs. Another day in NYC. Another ridiculous line."

Inside, Franco is wearing sunglasses and signing copies of Palo Alto and getting tagged in Instagram photos.