Here we go again! Do you know what year was this photo taken? Bonus points if you can nail down the neighborhood, too. We'll update at the end of the day with the answer and more details about the image. (And psst: cheaters will be banished!)

UPDATE: This photo was taken on the Lower East Side on October 4th, 1942. Sadly, no street address is given. According to this site, it's a mystery!:

"The only real clue as to location is the number above the sode shop '118.' According to the Manhattan Land Book of 1930, there was a 118 Clinton Street on the southwest corner of Clinton and Delancey Streets (a parking lot today). However, this was the location of the 7th Precinct Police Station according to the Land Book so this possibility is eliminated. There also is a 118 Suffolk Street (north of Delancey) that is still there today but the building looks nothing like the storefront shown below. And this would be in the opposite direction of the next shot he took, so it seems unlikely this would be the spot."