Can you guess which year this photo was taken? Bonus points if you can guess where in New York City this is. We'll update later with the answer and more details.

UPDATE: This photo—which we posted way back in 2007 in a post about a community board proposal to bring medians to Park Avenue for pedestrian safety—was taken on Park Avenue, looking north towards St. Bartholomew's Church, in the early 1920s. Until 1922, Park Avenue was a park. From StreetsWiki (it's a thing!): "In May of 1922, the New York Times published an editorial about the newly refurbished Park Avenue. The paper quoted then-Borough President of Manhattan Julius Miller's boasts about the civic: 'The present roadways are 27 feet wide, the sidewalks 15 feet, and the centre strips 56 feet.' For a few years, Park Avenue was, in a sense, both a small park and a functional avenue. The unusual width of the avenue allowed for ample sidewalks; one lane of automobile traffic on either side; and a broad, luxurious footpath in the middle." And then... the cars took over.