Are there enough clues in the skyline to guess which year this photograph was taken? Put your best guess in the comments and we'll update later with the correct answers and more details about the image.

UPDATE: According to LIFE magazine, this is "Fortune magazine photographer Margaret Bourke-White preparing to take a picture from high atop a NYC building in 1931." In an NPR article, they write that "Bourke-White was one of the most famous photojournalists of the 20th century," and one of her photos made the cover of the very first issue of Life magazine." As for the above photo, allegedly "George Chappell, the New Yorker's architecture critic, denounced Chrysler's building as 'a stunt design, evolved to make the man in the street look up.' In response, Chrysler hired famed photographer Margaret Bourke-White to climb 1,000 feet and take sweeping photos of his building." Here's another shot of her up there.