People have been cooling off in the summer with nice cold ice cream cones for a long time (albeit, not that fancy, overpriced Van Leeuwen stuff)—did you know that confectioners sold ice cream at their shops in New York during the colonial era? This clearly wasn't that long ago, but try to guess the year that this couple was photographed with their ice creams melting in their hands. Bonus points if you get the neighborhood (maybe you can recognize that fountain).

And guess what, we've got a sweet prize for the winner today! Two free gelato-on-a-sticks from popbar! (And we will know if you cheat.) We'll update later with the answer and more details—and the winner will be contacted by tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: This LIFE magazine photo is captioned, "Couple eating ice cream outside the Time & Life building. July 1960." The winner is "3" — because he/she didn't cheat, and was close enough! We'll contact you, 3.