Can you guess what year this photo was taken, and in what borough this neon lit corner may be? We'll update the post later with the answer and more details.

UPDATE: This photo was taken in July of 1956, outside of the all night drug store in Queens where an extortionist made his last phone call to Mr. and Mrs. Weinberger after kidnapping their son Peter.

According to the FBI files, Peter was kidnapped on July 4th at one-month-old, taken from his porch on Long Island while his mother went inside for a few minutes. The kidnapper (later identified as Angelo LaMarca) wanted $2,000, and he didn't want anyone else involved. The family asked for a media blackout, which every outlet agreed to... except the New York Daily News! The paper ran the story on their front page, which resulted in reporters swarming the a drop-off sight.

LaMarca told investigators he went to the first drop site the day after the kidnapping - with the baby in the car -- but he was scared away by all of the press and police in the area. He drove away, abandoned the baby alive in some heavy brush just off a highway exit, and went home.

The remains of Peter were discovered by the FBI, and LaMarca was executed at Sing Sing Prison on August 7th, 1958.