Photo by Benedict J. Fernandez

Do you know what year this photograph was taken? For this one, we actually got the story behind the image from the photographer, so we'll update later with the date, and plenty more details.

UPDATE: The folks at George Eastman House got in touch with photographer Benedict Fernandez for us, and this is what they said about the above photograph, which was taken in 1967.

Fernandez was covering a war protest in front of the U.N. in New York City. This group was made up of "right-wing radicals," who supported the war and were shouting words like "Commies!" at the protesters. A shirt-and-tie-clad Fernandez said he egged the group on, making them think he was one of them. He encouraged the group to follow him by saying, "Oh, let's go get those Commies over there!" When they followed him, he got them caught up in these barricades, at which point Fernandez jumped over the police barricade with his camera in hand. He turned around and faced the "dissenters" and flashed his press pass, showing that he was able to cross the lines but they were not. So, in this photograph, the dissenters are shouting angrily at not only the war protesters, but the photographer himself.

The photograph is part of this exhibition, running through February 18th.