And for your random bookstore news of the day: The Housing Works Tumblr boasts possibly the best celebriture story you'll hear this week. It involves donated books (obviously, Housing Works) as well the actresses who once played Michelle Tanner and the host of America's Next Top Model. Smize, everybody!

Let's just let them explain!

This happened/is happening, this being we seem to have gotten a donation of Tyra Banks’ “fantasy novel” Modelland, with one copy for Ashley Olsen and one for Mary-Kate Olsen. Note: Tyra’s notes are different. Ashley’s ends “smile” [update: or is that “smize”?] and MK’s ends “stay fierce and fabulous.” Also, from the two pages I read Modelland is like ANTM meets Hunger Games. The pair can be yours! Holler if you’re interested.

The books can be yours if that's your thing for a mere $100, with the money going right to charity! Meanwhile, did anybody else kind of forget the Olsen twins existed for a second there? Sorry to spoil that for you.