This case of protest art being left at the Met and Guggenheim as well as other museums on the East Coast is really gross, but who knew that if you tape your crazy guerilla art that has semen mixed in it with acrylic gel, it's not a federal criminal violation. The Met's spokesperson described the mixed-media work as "a cartoonish, Warholish- influenced image of President Bush in front of a field of American currency"; apparently President Clinton has been featured in others. In an AP story titled, "Rogue Art Supposedly Stained With Semen Turns Up At Another Museum," the mystery artist wrote that the pieces, "a mock terrorist attack on the art world." While some are hailing the bravado of this political artist, museums are less amused, especially considering that the Guggenheim called the F.B.I. to investigate. The Met's spokesperson takes the time to explain its painting selection process to the NY Times: "We have an acquisitions process that involves the curators of each department, the acquisitions committee of the board of trustees. To be very straightforward about it, this is outside the process."