2006_06_dogleash.jpgThe Juniper Civic Association in Queens is trying to get the Parks Department to enforce the city's leash law and get rid of off-leash hours by way of a lawsuit. The group points out that the city's public health code requires dogs to be on leashes at all times, which leaves the Park's off-leash hours between 9PM-9AM in many parks in a murky illegal area. And stories like last week's off-leash Rottweiler attacking a man and his dog don't help the cause for dogs running free (the Juniper Civic Association even linked to us).

The Juniper Civic Association told the Times Weekly, “This legal action is not against dog owners. Most dog owners responsibly maintain control of their dogs. This legal action is intended to compel a city agency to simply follow the law." However, since the group also opposes putting in a dog run (safety/risk issue), where will the dogs go? Naturally, this upsets many people - not just dog owners, but also people who enjoy seeing dogs freely frolic - and there's a petition to support off-leash hours in parks. And dog owners' associations are banding together to support Juniper Park area dog owners - Fido Brooklyn has PDFs of court documents related to the case, but the number one thing you can do is write to your City Council member to express your views (find your City Council member here).

The case may have a ruling by the end of the month. And here's a list of dog runs from the Parks Department.