Remember when a group recreated the parade scene from Ferris Bueller at the Halloween parade years ago? They're baaaack, and this time they're channeling their inner Jagger—attempting to stage the greatest Mick Jagger tribute act in the history of the world, at this year's parade. Marc Spitz recently wrote an entire book about how people feel about the performer, and by three pages in we were convinced of his terribleness. So of course we had to ask these organizers: Why Jagger? Here's that they told us:

Because he's AWESOME!!! He's probably partied more than any human ever and is still living to coherently speak about it. He has lived for his dreams and monumentally reached them. His cultural influence has spanned five decades leaving an unparalleled influence on today's music and fashion, while also leaving behind a cult legacy in the realms of art and film. But beyond that, his voice has soundtracked so many moments in the lives of nearly every person alive on this Earth right now.

Sure there are a few other icons that may compare in their legacy, but can they move like Jagger? Can they irreverently surpass the realm of human reality with an awe-inspiring array of spontaneous arm flings and spine wiggles that gloriously exclaim "Life is beautiful and I'm really enjoying myself"? We don't know him for his deep thoughts, we know him for is spirit of bold joy and sex appeal.

They'll be performing "Emotional Rescue," "Dancing in the Streets," "Satisfaction," "Time is on my Side," "Paint it Black," Miss You," "She's so Cold," "Start me Up, and "Beast of Burden." What, no "Sympathy For The Devil" on Halloween?

Anyone interested should email by the 22nd.