THIS IS ALMOST JUST LIKE THE LAKE HOUSE! A woman living in an apartment in Greenwich Village has received a letter from the past: the correspondance is from Lt. Joseph O. Matthews, addressed to his wife, and was sent to her exact MacDougal Street address 70 years ago. Even though it was sent in 1944, the letter only showed up a few months ago, and since then current resident Abbi Jacobson has been trying to find out more.

Jacobson has set up a website in hopes of returning the letter to the couple, or their family members, after not getting any leads doing the footwork at historical societies and libraries. And you can learn about her Lost Letter Project in the video below, where she reads off some of the clues she's been working with.

While the USPS was unable to get this letter to the correct person on time, that's hardly shocking—Internet, can you help? Or should we all just rewatch Back to the Future III?