It's taken two years—and $12 million— to spruce up 1.6 acres of park, but Transmitter Park has opened today. Reader G tells us that on her way to coffee, "we checked to see if the gates were open, and left defeated. But this time our walk of shame turned around as the park staff stopped and told us to go back. Woohoo!"

Photograph by reader G

G added, "I like that there's still some summer left" to use it, but that's also the problem, according to 50th Assembly District Committee member Lincoln Restler. Restler is unhappy that residents had missed out on most of the summer to use it. He told the Post earlier this week, "The city needed a real kick in the ass. Whatever work was done the past six months could have been done in weeks." (The city noted that safety railing weren't installed until last week.)

Transmitter Park is on West St. bet. Kent St. and Greenpoint Ave.