2006_06_smokey.JPGAw, the Daily News has a feature on - and photograph of - a tabby cat who survived last month's Greenpoint warehouse fire. Smokey, a male cat who suffered "burns and lost the tips of his ears and whiskers," is currently at BARC Shelter in Williamsburg. He was found by a volunteer in her Noble Street backyard in mid-May, and BARC's vet Dr. Elaine Felton says, "He looked worse than he really was. He looked terrible." Smokey looks so sweet - we hope he finds a loving owner to take him home. More: You can see how far Smokey has progressed, as BARC's blog had photos of the kitty on May 22 and May 25 (warning - it's heartbreaking because he looks bad, but it's great to see him looking good now).

And in other Greenpoint warehouse fire news, a Sullivan County contractor claims that Leszek Kuczera, arrested last week for starting the fire, was working for him upstate in early May. Zbigniew Sarna tells the Daily News that he hired Kuczera from after Easter till May 11. The police as well as Legal Aid are now investigating Sarna's claims, and the Polish Consulate is looking into whether the Polish interpreter understood Kuczera during the interrogation. Kuczera did confess to police that he and another homeless man started the fire when burning insulation off copper wire, but many Kuczera's friends were still surprised.

Photograph by the Daily News