Gothamist has been considering Premiere magazine's list of the 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time for a while, given that the list could have been even more weighed towards recent films, it's pretty good. Premiere ignores films about living people, instead preferring to give "priority to people who never were—but who are always with us movie lovers." Of course, we have a few quibbles (how can Ethan Edwards rank lowered than Gollum, how is Rick Blaine only at 19 but Fred C. Dobbs at 2), but that's the nature of these lists - they get you thinking. And we were happy to see Phyliss Dietrichson and Rev. Henry Powell (pictured right) on the list, as well as Antoine Doinel (but how can Ace Ventura rank higher than him?), we were impressed that Jeff Spicoli made it to number 9. And the number one? Vito Corleone, whose figure has loomed large.


Some of the New York characters on the list: J.J. Hunsecker, John Shaft, Annie Hall, Margo Channing, Gordon Gekko, Susan Vance, Travis Bickle, Ratso Rizzo, King Kong, John McClane and Bill the Butcher. One of Gothamist's favorites is Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels from Tootsie.

Just a few of our "Where is" thoughts: Max Fischer, Spinal Tap, Madeline Elster/Judy Barton, The Warriors, and Popeye Doyle