Did you notice a bunch of people running around the city in weird costumes yesterday? (That is, more than usual?) They were most likely competing in the Great Urban Race, a nationwide scavenger hunt that requires participants to solve puzzles, find clues and run to city landmarks. The New York City leg of the race kicked off yesterday at the Boat Basin Cafe, and even had jaded, confused New Yorkers rooting for the competitors. As one woman wrote on Twitter, "Not sure what the great urban race is, but I hope the couple I saw sprinting down 21st in Viking costumes wins." Some New Yorkers were even nice enough to give directions!

Teams were given envelopes of 12 clues or puzzles, including brain teasers, scavenger hunts and physical challenges they had to complete in order to win. The first place prize was $300, and there were other winning categories like "Best Costume" and "Top Family Team," which Twitter user Courtny Baird won. The top 25 teams also qualify for the National Championship and its $10,000 prize. Proceeds also benefited the Starlight Children's Foundation.