As Whole Foods confirms there will be no ribbon cutting for a store on the Gowanus, this Sunday there will be a ribbon cutting for the Great Trans-Gowanus Cable (flyer here). The organizers explain:

"We will be building a telegraph along and across the Gowanus Canal, from the corner of Second St. and Second Ave. to the corner of Third St. and Third Ave. At either end of the telegraph wire will be stations outfitted with vintage telegraph keys and a guide to Morse Code. Posted will be Morse's famous transmission: 'What Hath God Wrought.' Passerby will be able transmit their answers to this question (with brevity), as well as receive responses. All sent messages will also be transmitted to us, off-site."

Just like Twitter! Sort of. You can learn more about the project, and the big day, here. Meanwhile, now that Whole Foods is officially gone, the Brooklyn Paper officially declares that, just like the octopus, they support Superfunding the Gowanus. They also note that "there will be plenty of other developers eager to get to work in a safe and clean Gowanus Canal zone" once the 10-year clean-up is complete.