The second book to be featured in the NY Times' Great Summer Read is Laura Esquivel's Like Water For Chocolate. A crowd-pleasing bestseller in 1992, Gothamist thinks that Like Water for Chocolate is perfect for the serialization treatment, given the book's rhythms, twists and turns. The only thing is that you'll be craving Mexican food after reading the book - each chapter is punctuated by a recipe - so here are Citysearch's best Mexican picks in the city.

Esquivel will be joined by actors Jimmy Smits and Daphne Rubin-Vega in a reading of the book tonight at the Borders Books at the Time-Warner Center, Columbus Circle. Smits and Rubin-Vega costarred in Anna in the Tropics on Broadway; he was good in NYPD Blue but Smits will always be Victor Sifuentes to us, and while Rubin-Vega is known for her fine work in many things, like Rent, Gothamist appreciates her small role in the underrated camp classic, Wild Things. And two weeks ago, to kick off the first day of The Great Gatsby being serialized in the Times, Gothamist's favorite lawyer-on-TV, as well as Nick Carraway in the film version, Sam Waterston, and his daughter, Elizabeth, read from Gatsby.

Sam and Elizabeth Waterston at Borders; photot: Elaine Criscione