Over a year ago, the art world was lit up by a mesmerizing gallery show from the artist Nick Cave. For Now at the Mary Boone Gallery in Chelsea featured Cave's "daring and iconic Soundsuits - hybrid sculptural forms based on the scale of the Artist’s body," which he called a "psychedelic, functified freak show that is an accumulation of the decades from the perspective of voodoo woo-loo." Now, in just two months, he'll have his first public art installation at Grand Central Terminal.

Creative Time and MTA Arts for Transit are presenting Cave's HEARD•NY, which, according to a press release, "will involve thirty colorful horses (sixty dancers in horse costumes) peacefully 'grazing' in Grand Central Terminal, periodically breaking into choreographed movement accompanied by live music by two harpists."

The performances, scheduled from March 25 through March 31, are part of Grand Central's centennial festivities. When the horses aren't "grazing," the Soundsuits will be on display at Vanderbilt Hall.

Here's a video of the Soundsuits from the Here Now show:

Your move, other Nick Cave: