Graydon Carter flouts the law; Photo: Vanity Fair/NY Times

Phew! Turns out that all of our worrying that Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter and Mayor Bloomberg really hated each other was just that - worry. And by worry, we mean "passing interest." The Times looks at the Carter-Bloomberg relationship, which suffered a low with the Mayor's smoking ban. Carter, nic addict, struck back with a damning editor's letter in Vanity Fair earlier. Even though Carter smokes up in public to ruffle the Mayor's feathers, the Mayor noted many (probably many not working in media) support the smoking ban and that only there's "one magazine editor who's apoplectic about this...His own people turned him in because he was breaking the law."

The Times also notes the two often joke togeher:

Just last year, Mr. Bloomberg sent Mr. Carter a mock proclamation for a local law affecting "middle-aged men with long hair," stating that they ought to "cut their locks immediately." (Mr. Carter's coif is Baldwinesque: pick a brother.) "Regular inspections will be led by the Office of Emergency Management to begin at Da Silvano restaurant," the proclamation read.

Carter tells the Times he would vote for Bloomberg, come 2005, and adds, "He's rich; I'm not. He doesn't smoke; I do. But we have common interests. He is an interesting guy — he is great enjoyable company — but we just disagree on this one issue. I would be very happy to see him in a room." That would be a great sitcom: An media/NYC centric Odd Couple.

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