Coming up on April 29th is the latest Grand Theft Auto extravaganza. The game wreaks havoc on Liberty City, which is essentially a not-quite-gentrified New York City (though it takes place in the current year). The latest leak from the anticipated game is a city map (we spy Roosevelt Island) and a map of the subway system, which has everyone opining. How does the Rockstar Games version of our 722-mile, 468-station subway system with 22 lines hold up?

While Kotaku says "it's about as New York as you can get," Second Ave. Sagas says that Liberty City’s Transport Authority falls a bit short of the real MTA. The fewer stops and lines leads them to believe that "we’ll be catapulted back to the late 1970s and early 1980s when the dirty, dingy subway were crime-filled and covered in graffiti." Sounds good to us!

The game also has a new trailer out, watch here.