1208aniston.jpgReportedly the Hudson News shop in Grand Central Terminal has "censored" the latest issue of GQ, whose cover features a photo of Jennifer Aniston posing with strategically-placed hands and nothing but a tie. Folio reports, "The popular newsstand has placed a piece of paper across the issue in its window display. Copies inside the store, however, remain uncovered." They harken back to June of 2006 when the store covered up an issue of FHM featuring Brooke Hogan (incidentally the following 4 issue covers were also covered up). NYMag assumes in the most recent case that Hudson News is simply on Team Angie, but Folio points out that in the case of the Hogan cover, the issue "sold over 400,000 copies on newsstands, well above its 350,000 average." Perhaps Hudson News is just keeping in mind the kids visiting the Transit Museum annex's train show?