Justin Timberlake and Arturo Sandoval at the Grammys; Photo - AP

Ah, last night's Grammys. Yes, Prince opened up the show to a thankless medley of songs (Gothamist would have preferred one whole song) with Beyonce channeling Tina Turner with her dress and hard-working legs. Justin Timberlake apologized for his behavior at the Super Bowl (though making it everyone else's problem that they were offended) and, thank the Lord, he did not rip off Arturo Sandoval's shirt to expose man boob. Christina Aguilera did note during her acceptance speech that she was about to have a Janet moment with her sexy dress, but the audience only laughed nervously. Even though someone will get fired, Gothamist is thankful for the technical difficulties during Celine's singing.
And Sting, Dave Matthews, and Vince Gill were like the bad Beatles cover bad at the crappy bar mitzvah. The best moment was Andre 3000's short and sweet acceptance speech for best rap album.

Gothamist wonders if R. Kelly was trying to try out for the role of "Kato" in The Green Hornet or if it's just to let everyone know things are creepier in his bedroom. But if there's one thing to sum up how the Grammys will be lame, no matter how hard they try: As Sam pointed out, "Everyone knows America's favorite couple is Nick and Jessica - not those old bags Ozzy and Sharon."

Other Grammy information: The winners at Grammy.com (yay, Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy won a Grammy for "A Mighty Wind"!")