2006_11_grampark.jpgWhat do you do when your private, exclusive park is repeatedly found with its gate wide open? You freak out.

"The terrible threat,” a Gramercy Park trustee told the New York Times, “is that with the gate wide open, hordes of people may come in.”

And who do you blame for the security breach? The transient newcomers, of course, VIP credentials be damned. Word on the block is that careless and/or ignorant guests at Ian Schrager's Gramercy Park Hotel, which opened in August, have proved themselves a bit middling and ill-bred when it comes to preserving the park for the better sort.

2006_11_gramparkmons.jpgIf the hotel's six frisbee-sized silver keychains with gold tassels didn't convey the importance of discretion, we don't know what would. However, the hotel has begun a new approach as of last week: An attache will escort guests to the park, close and lock the gate behind them, and give them a key so they can let themselves out. If the gate should continue to stand ajar, will the park resort to posting intimidating signage to exclude the uninitiated?

Back in 2004, Gramercy Park changed its key rental and replacement fees.