Twitter has trends, why can't everything? For those of you who ever wished there was an easy way to find out what graffiti artists are trending in a particular city (or worldwide), well, Gothamist's fearless publisher Jake Dobkin has come up with a site just for you. Using a variety of data sources GrafRank "ranks important graffiti artists around the world." It even maps the data!

The site is still in its infancy (here's the New York page in which we learn that RETNA's Houston Street mural has been doing well for him) so it's still working out the kinks. But it still works as a companion to Streetsy, Jake's "group conversation about streetart and related topics, curated by a number of passionate streetart lovers."

Dobkin hopes people contact him with more information to help produce more accurate search results (next up? Widening the sites searches to include things like like Instagram, which should help widen and refine artist-specific searches). Feel free to reach out and touch him via email.

NYC's current graf hot spots.