2007_05_arts_delft.jpgLovegrove and Repucci have put a modern spin on 18th century delftware. Keeping with the classic blue and white color scheme, the images that adorn the dinnerware are 100% present day. In addition, their "New York Delft" set contains some everyday city images. From the NY Times:

Each piece is decorated with an icon of the city: a taxicab, a hot dog stand, a delivery truck. And instead of the typical flowery borders, the porcelain dishes are rimmed in what looks like blue graffiti. “Actually the borders started with real New York graffiti,” Mr. Repucci said, “but I manipulated it so that nothing is understandable. It just looks like the real thing.”

The five piece set runs for $80 on their website. Fishs Eddy also has some city-friendly dinnerware: a plate grows in Brooklyn and their New York skyline set.