Oooooh! This is so cool. The guys at Eyebeam, the techno-art atelier in Chelsea, have cooked up a way to electrify graffiti with LEDs:

The Grafitti Research Lab, a division of the Eyebeam R&D Open Lab, is demonstrating an early prototype Electro-Graf on the Eyebeam facade as part of its research and development in experimental creative technologies for grafitti writers. The prototype Electro-Graf consists of conductive and magnetic paint that electrically drive and mechanically control over 20 white and red LEDs. Viewers walking by on the street can interact with the piece by removing and repositioning the LEDs on the wall, creating their own patterns with color, location and luminocity.

Man-- we can't wait to see some roller pieces painted with stuff and lit up-- that would be totally nuts. And here's a challenge for Eyebeam: we'd love to see you guys light up this Revs piece on the Highline-- it's only two blocks from your office! [Related: some of the Eyebeam guys, including Jonah, are working with Huffington Post on their Contagious Media Festival.]