Yesterday, Alec Baldwin's pregnant wife Hilaria Thomas was the subject of a lawsuit by a grad student who claims he suffered yoga injuries in her class that caused a "severe" and "serious" "emotional upset." The details of 32-year-old Spencer Wolfe's lawsuit were quite vague—but the NY Post has dug up the dirt. It seems Wolfe ripped open his left leg and foot after he lost his balance and crashed into a sixth-floor glass window while performing a handstand during Thomas' yoga class. “There was a large amount of blood,” one student in the class told them.

Wolfe blamed the incident, which happened on Jan. 15th at Yoga Vida near Union Square, on the “overcrowded” class and Thomas’ “negligence." The anonymous student told the Post her classes "gets insanely crowded there," and Wolfe was forced to perform the handstand too close to the window. That student added that someone screamed, "It's your fault! It's your fault!" at Thomas afterwards. But another student said that Thomas instructed Wolfe that he had been doing the handstand incorrectly before he fell.

Wolfe's left foot smashed “straight through the window,” the student said; a piece of it cut into his left below the knee, slicing it open in give places. Thomas and one of Wolff’s male friends from the class went with him to the hospital. Wolfe's lawyer, Paul Weitz, said he might have a permanent disability. “He can’t flex the ankle and the foot points downward. He’s in a boot,” Weitz told the Post. “He is worried whether he’ll be able to use his leg normally again — and right now it’s a waiting game.”

In case you didn't notice, all of the Post's sources and accounts of the class come from anonymous yoga students who were there at the time of the incident—to the point that we can't even tell if there were 1 or 2 students they spoke to, or many more than that. As is his way, Alec Baldwin responded to some of the Post's allegations on Twitter today:

Baldwin also mentioned that he filed a formal complaint against a NY Post photographer who was hanging around his apartment this morning: "Thank u 2 NYPD officers who came 2 my home 2day so that I could file a formal complaint against NY Post "photographer" who assaulted me...I slipped and fell on the trail of oil the Post "photographer" left near my bldg. Who do I sue?" So it's good to hear those two are getting along as well as ever.

Baldwin also couldn't help but poke fun at Wolfe, whose "comedically fancy pedigree" and pretentious novel (Go read it! It's part comédie humaine in the Maghreb!) certainly makes it easy-to-do: