Have you seen the announcements for the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival come and go over the past nine iterations and thought, "Ah that sounds pretty cool but I think I'll just go next year?" Well, your foolish procrastination won't serve you this year, because the 10th Annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival will be the last one ever. So you know, get your tickets this time.

The eponymous comedy festival will be running across a handful of Brooklyn venues from September 15th to 19th, and will be pulling in names big nationally and locally for the big sendoff. In addition to standup shows put together specifically for the festival that will feature the likes of Kyle Ayers, Julio Torres, Joel Kim Booster, Mirman himself and Hollywood's own Jo Firestone, the festival will include some Brooklyn institutions like Elliot Glazer's Haunting Renditions, standup/live cartooning show Picture This and a special StarTalk Live! at the Kings Theater.

And if the comedy wasn't enough for you, the press release for the festival also promises extras like "career advice from a unicyclist, giant Jenga with pilgrims, a Mike Pence look-a-like afterparty." Also Mirman will write a blurb about a company on cardboard boxes of varying sizes for any company that asks at prices ranging from $500 to $10,000 "for all to see during the festival’s special full day of cardboard." What a shame we have to say goodbye to all of this.