Hey there, fashion-forward New Yorker! Did the Olsen twins sell out of their $39K alligator skin backpack before you had a chance to snag one? Don't worry about it—why not try one of these budget $700 iPad bags instead?

Sure, they're not quite as conspicuous as a tote that costs as much as college, but what better way to show off your $400 iPad than with your choice of not one but two different $700 carrying cases?! First up, for those who prefer a more classic look: the $695 Diane von Furstenberg "Harper Connect Leather Daybag," which features a nifty little zip flap that you can leave dangling open to display your toy for every mugger in New York to lunge after. If it's a more modern look you're going for, try the $685 Proenza Schouler bag, named, rather unimaginatively, "iPad Case." This one doesn't let you show off your doohickey quite so blatantly, but those in the know will know, you know? [via BuzzFeed]