This guy! He loves Moët.

The first look at Baz Luhrman's trailer for his 3-D version of The Great Gatsby has been released, and if you've seen his previous films (Romeo+Juliet, Moulin Rouge) then it will come as no surprise to see he's created a vivid, over-the-top world from F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel. It's sort of like 1920s New York has been drenched in Moët and Hunter S. Thompson is reading the story to you while squeezing an eyedropper of LSD onto your skin everytime Eckleburg's eyes appear. Have we mentioned the Moët? Count how many times you spot it in the trailer, which some say is longer than Gatz.

According to the Frank Lloyd Wright-esque typeface in the trailer, The Great Gatsby won't be in theaters until Christmas.

UPDATE:Here are some old photos of what NYC really looked like during the year 1922, when Gatsby is set.