Japanese firm Secom introduced GPS tracking for dogs and other animals yesterday. A mobile GPS terminal (1.7 ounces) is strapped onto the animal or put on its neck; Secom says it might be too big for cats and small dogs. It will retail in Japan for 5000 Yen (US$ 43) with 800 Yen monthly (US$7), with calls to the Secom center 200 Yen (less then US$2). Owners can locate their dogs within 164 feet by either calling or using a website, but Gothamist knows how fast dogs can run and 164 feet doesn't seem like much.

Secom offers GPS services for elderly, children, and vehicles in Japan, as their GPS market is more developed than the US's.

My Spoon by SecomSecom also has a product called My Spoon, which is a rather cool meal-assistance robot for the disabled. Gothamist likes how the food shown is all Japanese, even though this has applications for all cuisines.