Photo on left via Forgotten-NY

Until recently it was believed that a wall in Gowanus was part of the old Washington Park stadium, where the Dodgers played until moving to Ebbets Field in 1912. In fact, it was believed to be "the oldest section of any former major league ballpark still standing in the country." However, the 20-foot wall, located on 3rd Avenue between First and Third Streets, isn't quite what baseball historians thought it was.

According to an expert the Daily News spoke with, the "baseball wall" didn't even exist when the Dodgers played at the field — historian Brian Merlis told them, "I can say with absolute certainty that this wall was not part of Washington Park prior to the Brooklyn team's departure. It's still an historic wall, but there's no evidence that it's the original wall."

Con Ed is slated to demo some buildings by the wall, and said they will preserve it. Historians still believe "the wall was either part of a carriage house or club house for the players built after the 1912 season."