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There. Will. Be. Shuffleboard! On Monday night, Community Board 6 voted to support the liquor license application of The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Parlor, which is opening in Gowanus on April 1st of next year (fingers and tangs crossed). The 16,000-square-foot club had been dealing with some issues with neighbors, but today co-owner Jonathan Schnapp told us, "The process turned out to be a positive one... not easy, but really positive. I believe this was a case of the system working the way it should. In the end, through hard work on everyone's part (the community, the committee, and ourselves) we were able to find some common ground and come up with compromises that everyone could be happy with. We're just thrilled the whole thing turned out so well and that we have the support of our neighbors moving forward."

While the club parlor will still keep its focus on the retirement sport of shuffleboard (as it should be!), there have been some slight changes. Schnapp tell us, "As far as changes to our initial plans, we're going to hold off building our roof deck. We're also limiting our capacity to 300 people which should make for a more open and comfortable experience for people when they come to play. Finally, we're limiting our hours to about midnight, Sunday through Wednesday, and 2 a.m. on Thursdays through Saturdays. All these compromises are going to cut into our bottom line but we think they're worth it in order to have the support of our neighborhood."

There will be 10 full length professional level courts—and the group had already "secured our first tournament. Some of the best players in the world are scheduled to come play competitively at our shuffleboard parlor in late June."

So, what drinks pair up the best with biscuits and tangs? Schnapp says, "We do have plans for a fantastic beverage program that's sure to feature some coconut cocktails and key lime fizzes. We also have plans for some fun kid friendly beverages like fresh young coconuts, and specialty lemonades."