The Landmark Preservation Committee has approved plans for alterations on Governors Island, specifically within the Historic District. The $300 million facelift has been discussed for quite some time, and is now expected to be complete by October 2013. Due to the ongoing renovations throughout this year, the island (which is currently closed for the winter) will only be open on weekends when it reopens.

Architect's Newspaper has a complete breakdown of what will happen to the landscape during this time. New features include a new entranceway for Soissons Landing, curbs that morph into seating, a new terrace in front of Liggett Hall (which will include fountains), lighting designs that include lamp posts shaped like Calla lillies, and the most important addition of them all: Hammock Grove.

Sadly, there are no plans to transform it into a time machine that will always bring you back to the 1920s, nor are there plans for dolphin transport. [via Curbed]