Talk about keeping it in the family! The seemingly endless saga of upcoming mob biopic "Gotti: Three Generations", which hasn't even started filming yet, takes two more strange turns this week, as more details about the cast and crew come to light.

The first announcement came on Tuesday, when we learned that generally well-regarded Rain Man director Barry Levinson is apparently in talks to take over from the recently-fired Nick Cassavetes. It's not an entirely unnatural choice for the director, who also produced Mob-centric Donnie Brasco, and executive produced the gritty TV series, Homicide...but then again one of his more recent directorial efforts was Man of the Year.

Plus, we didn't really have enough time to process that gossip when yesterday we caught wind that Kelly Preston, of "John Travolta's wife" fame, has been cast to play Victoria Gotti, opposite...John Travolta, as John Gotti. Between this, Lindsay flip-flopping all over the place, and those dogged James Franco rumors, we're actually pretty excited to see this potentail train wreck of a popcorn flick!