John Gotti Sr.'s ex-BFF is opening up a big bottle of Haterade all over the upcoming Gotti biopic, aka the Greatest Movie Never Made , calling out producers for casting it wrong, all wrong.

First up on former Gotti "associate" Lewis Kasman's hit list: John Travolta, last seen kissing Victoria Gotti's ring. “I think if he was asked, he would not be pleased at Travolta playing him,” said Kasman, who added that the part should have gone to a "tougher guy...For John Gotti Sr., you need a man’s man to play that role." Which is to say, yes, those Travolta gay sex rumors made it all the way to a mob rat in hiding. Next up? Ben Foster, who's been cast as John "Junior" Gotti, which Kasman also believes is a mistake. “He’s a thug, so you need someone who’s a thug . . . a guy who grew up in that life,” Kasman says.

And who should replace the "miscast" stars, according to Kasman? Roberto De Niro or Al "Hoo Ah!" Pacino for Gotti Sr., and Mark Wahlberg for Jr. Unfortunately for Kasman, Pacino's already been cast as someone else in the Gotti flick, and Marky Mark's a little busy with his new burger joint.

A rep for producer Marc Fiore, who has already fired Lindsay Lohan, Joe Pesci and director Nick Cassavettes (though Lohan was later re-hired) said, “I think we’ll stick with the decisions made by our Academy Award-winning team of filmmakers, instead of taking casting advice from someone who has never made a movie.” Be careful what you say, could end up sleeping with the fishes.