Michael Riedel has double-the-entendre fun with his rumor-laced news that the London revival of Equus – yes, that Equus starring the Harry Potter kid naked as a jaybird – is going to Broadway! According to Riedel’s sources, “one problem, though, is the length.” Wait for it... Wait for it... “Of the play, people, the play!” But producers seem cocksure, despite a couple small problems regarding young Daniel Radcliffe: “Where he comes up short (at least in one instance) is in the sex-appeal department… he's bulked up. But he's surprisingly asexual, my spies say.”

Riedel’s “spies” also say there are more explicit photos on the internets, illicitly snapped by audience members during previews. Such images are NSFW and possibly illegal; feast your eyes instead on this photo of David Hasselhoff in drag. (More here!)

david_hasselhoff4.jpgHasselhoff is appearing as cross-dressing director Roger DeBris in a Las Vegas production of The Producers. (There has been buzz that Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane might reunite one last time before the Broadway production closes, but that now looks like a no-go. Riedel hears that Broderick felt snubbed by Mel Brooks after Brooks auditioned other actors for the lead in Young Frankenstein after promising the role to Bueller.)

But back to Hasselhoff! According to the People magazine "photo special", his Vegas “dressing room – filled with posters of himself from various shows, a Knight Rider lunchbox and a magazine with guess who on the cover – looks like an homage to yours truly. ‘I must be the most self-indulgent person to have this stuff,’ he says, ‘But I've gotta market the Hoff.’ Consumers, if the Hoff doesn’t do it, who will? Hipsters? Bloggers? Germans? (Major hat tip to addictive theater blog What’s Good/What Blows.)

Enough low-brow gossip. Opera snobs are rejoicing at the news that Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber will soon begin work on the long awaited follow up to Phantom of the Opera, the longest running show in Broadway history. The self-dubbed “Lloyd Blogger” was rather cryptic in his blog post on the forthcoming Phantom Menace: Attack of the Tourists, only hinting darkly that “let’s just say, I am full of ideas!” (Insert your own BWAHAHAHA!) Authorities – and a world held hostage – anxiously await Lloyd Blogger's diabolical list of demands.