Tibet Rocks
Last Monday at Carnegie Hall there was a Hall of Fame reunion of sorts to support The Tibet House New York. Rock icons such as Ray Davies, Debbie Harry, Lou Reed, Patti Smith and Michael Stipe teamed up with more of-the-moment stars Sigur Ros and Ben Harper to celebrate Tibetan culture. The show was a great success, from all reports, including some duets and surprise arrangements from the legends on hand. Them aside, the coolest thing we've seen was a stripped down acoustic performance from Sigur Ros. The last time we saw them there were about a billion people marching about on stage, so this 4 person rendition of 'Heysatan' caught us off guard in it's minimalist simplicity (Via Stereogum).

tbears.jpgTeddybears Baffle
Not sure what to think about these guys. They temporarily wooed us with the excellent Iggy Pop-featuring song "Punkrocker," and we started to think that maybe, just maybe there was more to them than the brief blog phenomenon last summer. Bust last night these guys took over Hiro ballroom...and we just don’t get it. They certainly seemed popular. The room was absolutely packed and most people appeared to have a good time. Maybe it would have been better down with the sweaty masses near the stage rather than up in the lame-o balcony, but we just couldn't shake the feeling that we were trapped inside a living, breathing cell phone commercial. It was just a lot all at once with the hype men, strobe lights and Teddybear helmets. Nothing against the people who enjoyed themselves, but...really? Was NOT feeling it from here. Regardless, these fellas sure make for a cool photo-op. Check out some more pics at NevBrown's Flickr.

The National Return to Bowery
There is not a band that got more universal praise by the internet in 2005 than Brooklyn by way of Cincinnati band The National. With their last album, Alligator, they ignored the increasing complexities of what everyone else was trying to do and simply made a kick ass, earnest rock album. It was straightforward and heartfelt and we still listen to it every so often and get chills. The last time we saw these guys, however, they were all set to play one last show at Bowery Ballroom before heading into the studio. Due to their lingering popularity and scheduling constraints, the show sold out almost immediately and was moved to the larger and far less appealing Webster Hall. Now that the new album is done and they're ready to get back out there, they've scheduled 4 back to back shows at Bowery Ballroom, perhaps as a makeup to those disappointed by the last move. Each show will feature a different, equally impressive opener . One would be foolish to miss this band during this brief and intimate run. Tickets went on sale today. Check out the SXSW Diary they kept for us in 2005, and their new album art after the jump: