Pela Rocks the Merc, V-Mars Last Friday night, after snagging a standby ticket to the Arcade Fire proved impossible, the second best place to be was at the Mercury Lounge for the sold out headlining set by one of the most promising local bands we've got in this here town, Pela. We got in right before the band started up and are pleased to say that they continue to live up to every expectation we've grown to expect. Howling vocals and pitch perfect rock instrumentation really set these four a cut above the rest of the pack. The band has a new album coming out in April, and they will be debuting a new song from the record every week on their website. Also, we’re excited to pass along the news that the band had a song featured in a recent episode of Veronica Mars. Hearing bands we like on TV always makes us happy. Check out the clip at Stereogum. (pic via Maryanne Ventrice's Flickr)

The Rapture Tease fans at Studio B
Right after Pela finished up, we rushed out and over to the always-an-adventure Studio B for a "Mini Set" by The Rapture in celebration of the launch of their brand new label, Throne of Blood. The three song, 1:30AM set no doubt left the packed room wanting more, but it was as satisfying a 15 minutes as one should expect for $5 that late on a Friday night. Furthermore, Studio B proved once again that, while the regular scene isn't particularly enjoyable, there are few better places to see an upbeat band perform live.

Explosions in the Sky go Wordless
The Wordless Music Series is one of the most exciting programs in the local music scene right now. The concept behind it is that there should not be such a definitive line between traditional classical music and the current indie rock thing. The organizers believe that the people who listen to and support both of these genres are generally open minded thinkers, and should be able to appreciate the other as much as their own. This Tuesday, the group brought together Austin instrumental post-rock quartet Explosions in the Sky with Percussionists Ayano Kataoka and Josh Quillen, and all reports back made it out to be another phenomenal success. Here is a clip of EitS on Conan, which aired later that night.

The Pool Parties are back! There was not a more fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon last summer than at the emptied out McCarren Pool for some free live music and general shenanigans. We are super excited to hear that they will be doing it all again this year. They’ve got 9 dates announced so far, and we look forward watching the lineups be revealed over the coming months.