pbj2.jpgPeter Bjorn and John Soar, Crash in NYC debut
Reports out of the first two PB&J shows this week at Union Hall and Mercury Lounge were stellar, and the expectations were at an all time high for the sold out Bowery Ballroom gig. Unfortunately the magic from the smaller gigs did not translate very well to the significantly larger venue on night three. The 600+ crowd was harder to connect with for the laid back Swedes, and several embarrassing gaffes made those in the audience that were giving their full attention understandably uncomfortable. No doubt there were highlights, such as the indie hit single 'Young Folks' and the extended set closer 'Up Against the Wall,' but overall the majority in attendance seemed a bit let down. Hopefully they can tighten things up a bit for their next visit to town, as many are surely still curious to see these three perform at their full potential. Have a listen to some of the highs and lows at Ryspace here and here.
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Northsix closes...one day too early
As has been reported, The Bowery Presents group has purchased Northsix and is planning on renovating and rebranding it as "The Music Club of Williamsburg." We were considering heading out earlier in the week to stop by the final show in its current form. Not that we needed to see Radio 4 and The Big Sleep again, but it was more for posterity sake. Northsix was never the perfect club, but it always maintained that turn of the century Williamsburg vibe that had slowly dissipated from the hood of late. Anyway, in hindsight it's a good thing we stayed in. Allegedly, Con-Ed was unaware of this last hurrah and kinda sorta shut off the power a day early by mistake, dropping the ball on the final farewell festivities. Oops.

dankeyes_crashmansion.jpgSmell the Young Love: Album Released, Launch Party Thrown
Sure, the lead single Discotech has been a staple of downtown DJ sets for what seems like years now, but after all this time we finally see the release of a full album by The Dan Keyes fronted Young Love. The impossibly jawlined Keyes used to head the band Recover before riding the recently worn path of turning a moderately successful emo career into dance-pop success (See Palumbo, Darryl, Saporta, Gabe). Earlier this week, the band performed at their own launch party at Sun Factory in Manhattan, which was a who's who of friends and supporters of Keyes’ project over the years. Check out the pictures
on Last Night's Party, and have a listen to the album at that stream below:

Young Love, ‘Too Young To Fight It’ (stream)
(pic via The Modern Age)

And finally just because...

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Have a good weekend, everybody.