moztopless.jpgMorrissey x5
It was only a few years ago when Morrissey's run of 5 shows at the Apollo Theatre was the hottest ticket in town, and it's a bit sad to see Mozzer basically begging for people to buy tickets for his run at Hammerstein Ballroom this week. The $65 ticket appeared to be a bit too rich for the average fan's blood, despite these shows being his first in NYC since 2004. The ticket price dropped to a mere $20 some nights of this "Greatest Hits" run. The set lists have been great and on Tuesday, the night we went, he still sounded at the top of his game. Tix are still on sale for all nights, and cheap ones for the Sunday night finale. After such a tepid reception in NYC, this may be the last time Moz comes through town for a while, so catch him while you can. (pic via roddyrick's flickr)

Kristeen Young on Thin Ice
You'd think that for a young artist, an opening spot for the Manchester legend mentioned above would be an opportunity of a lifetime. Apparently, however, Kristeen Young isn't taking the gig too seriously. She has been extremely hostile with the audience so far this run, inciting hecklers and making lewd comments about Morrissey's oral...proficiency and questioning/mocking his sexual orientation (or lack thereof.) It has been rumored (via the Music Slut) that after she bombed Tuesday, she was asked to leave the tour. There hasn't been any official confirmation yet, but it sounds like no one would be too upset if she doesn't show up tonight.

RIP Oink! One of the largest and most organized music piracy sites on the web was shut down for good by international agents this week. We weren’t members, and couldn’t care less for the whiners who felt it their right to get free tunes, but the question remains...was oink actually bad for music? Many argue no, that the site allowed easy access to bands that fans wouldn't otherwise pay to listen to regardless and that the members were going to find free music online one way or another. Will there be any fallout? A spike in album sales? A dip in concert revenues due to less band exposure? Doubtful. There will be something new to replace it sooner, rather than later, and this record industry wack-a-mole will continue until they figure out a way to make paying for music easier than getting it for free. (pic via)