db2.jpgDisco Biscuts Bring Something Different to the Pool
Sick of all that boring "indie" music polluting your fresh Greenpoint air this summer, Mr. cynical anonymous Gothamist commenter? Well maybe you prefer the jam-trance mania of the Disco Biscuits instead! No? Well a whole crowd of people did, comfortably filling McCarren Pool earlier this week with people who (no joke) bought their tickets on 4/20 @ 4:20 in the afternoon. Those in attendance seemed to have a blast, despite some complaints about the sets being a bit too short (openers Umphrey's McGee only got 90 minutes.) If you missed the show, NYC Taper recorded the whole thing and posted both bands sets online the day after. Check em out. (pic via i y e r's flickr)

Thermals Idea For a 4th Member: "A Passing Feeling"
We love the Thermals. Always have, always will. But we were a bit caught off guard when we saw them at CMJ last year and they were joined by a second guitar player on stage. It seemed to remove some of the harsh urgency the band naturally possessed by basically making it seem...dare we say...a little easier up there for them? Anyway, consider us relieved to see the band return to its 3-piece roots last week. They were on top of their game on Sunday at the Pool Party, even if the crowd seemed a bit heat-stroked and tame. See some pics from the show here. We wish them back soon.

justice.jpgJustice Ride Their Countrymate's Coattails
Earlier this week we told you all about the new Bowery Presents club Terminal 5 opening soon on the west side. What's most remarkable about the announcement were some of the bands that have been booked to play the show. We understand that The Decemberists and Ween have gotten fairly popular and should have no issues selling out the 3000 capacity room, but what about someone like Justice? Sure, they have amassed a remarkable amount of hype over the last year, and this show appears to be their first actual "live" appearance in NYC (DJ gigs don't count) - but doesn't this seem like a rather large space to debut? Nobody can deny that they have the sound to fill the space, but one must wonder how many people were converted last week to the possibility that 2 people doing nothing but playing with switches can put on a stellar live performance. With that one Daft Punk show at Keyspan we may have, as a city, collectively crossed a barrier of what to now expect from live music. With tickets for newcomers Justice going on sale today at a venue large enough to host shows by superstars like The Shins, I think it's time to uncomfortably declare that bloghouse has made it to the mainstream.